Pure Med Spa introducing a Breakthrough Teeth Whitening Product to Canada

December 7, 2009 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Med Spa News, Pure Med SPa News, Teeth Whitening, Toronto Teeth Whitening | 4 Comments
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Toronto teeth whitening

Whiter Smile in under an hour!

BriteSmile locations affiliated with one of North America’s premier chain of medical spas, Pure Med Spa, are now offering innovative solutions in teeth whitening to customers in the greater Toronto area. The BriteSmile teeth whitening system, which includes patented Blue-Light technology, has proven to be immensely successful at Pure Med Spa locations in the United States, and is just now being introduced into the Canadian market. In less than one hour, this revolutionary system delivers a perfectly natural and brilliant smile that lasts for years, which is clinically proven to improve oral health while whitening up to 14 shades brighter.

Pure Med Spa’s BriteSmile brand has continued to develop innovative solutions that combat teeth discoloration since their inception in 1999. A healthy and natural looking smile is a primary concern for many customers in the medical spa industry, and thus Pure Med Spa has worked closely with industry professionals, medical experts, and company clients for ten years to develop this breakthrough solution and bring it to clients north of the border. With five locations in the greater Toronto area, Pure Med Spa is now able to provide customers with a movie-star smile in less time and for less money than ever before.

Sandra, spa manager at the Davisville street BriteSmile location, describes the BriteSmile tooth whitening solution as “the ultimate enhancement to your image, your smile is your greatest asset. Customers love the tooth whitening and they can’t stop smiling!”

Lisa, spa manager at the Avenue road BriteSmile location, says “I would say the BriteSmile system is a safe and effective way to get a whiter smile without the sensitivity of other popular, more expensive whitening procedures. All of our customers have been pleased with the results and many have reffered friends and family for the treatment.”

There are 5 locations to choose from in the greater GTA. Check the website for a location near you.




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  1. Will have to try it out. Is there any way to tell if your teeth are too sensitive to get this done?

  2. Whats the benefits to Whitening my Teeth?

    • Thanks for the question Andrew.

      Having whiter teeth gives you greater self confidence. As soon as you open your mouth to speak, to laugh or to eat, you very well know that sharing a glimpse of your shiny whites is not something you should feel uncomfortable with. White teeth give others the impression of cleanliness and exceptional oral and dental hygiene.

      Teeth whitening can strengthen your teeth. Most people are not aware of the fact that the teeth bleaching solutions contain fluoride that protects the teeth enamel from erosion. When your teeth and gums have eroded, you will begin to feel a tingling sensation each time you drink cold or hot beverages. This is a prevailing discomfort for many adults.

      You can save up on future dental expenses brought by teeth deterioration in aging. Visiting your dentist for teeth whitening immediately means taking extra good care of your teeth. Do not wait to visit the dentist when your teeth has become badly eroded, or when you have started to feel searing and numbing pains. Remember that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Cliché but true.

      Having white teeth makes you young-looking. More than anything else, flashing a radiant smile brings about a sense of youthfulness. To be young in appearance is just as important as to be young at heart. Teeth-bleaching is now a simple process; there is no need to undergo painful treatments to improve the condition of your teeth.

  3. Do you know of any side effects to getting your teeth whitened? I have always wished to do it just been kinda scared.

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