Celebrity Blogger reviews Teeth Whitening at Pure Med Spa in Toronto

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Celebrity blogger Casie Stewart stopped in to try Pure med Spas’ BriteSmile teeth whitening system at the Davisville location in Toronto and did a great pictorial review. This “funky Canadian” has her finger on Torontos pulse and really puts an effort into bringing quality, quirky stories to light.

Read the entire review here


Botox vs Dysport “Come get some”

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No complaints from Pure Med Spa!Dysport injection

Whether you are looking your age or trying to stave off the affects of a weekend in Cabo there is an injectible for you.  Pure Med Spa is the “number one Spa in North America” and they offer both… no complaints.

With the incredible savings on both this Christmas you won’t find a complaint from customers either.  Check your local Pure Med Spa clinic for details.

The battle between Botox and Dysport is on with both camps claiming advantages. Sally Murphy from Associated content draws the lines and does a great comparison of the products.

“Once you reach a certain age (and I’m not saying I’ve reached it yet), you become a little more concerned with the effects of aging on your looks. You might start out with anti-aging treatments you purchased from infomercials late at night when you were feeling a little, shall we say, aged. But eventually, you realize it’s going to take a little more than a magic serum to give you back your youthful looks.

Botox and Dysport are two drugs that have exciting uses for women (and men) in the fight against wrinkles. Only recently approved by the FDA, Dysport is the first competition that the wildly popular Botox, approved by the FDA in 2004, has known. Both are injected into the skin to temporarily relax facial muscles and not only smooth wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other facial lines, but actually keep them from deepening (a double whammy!) This article will help you understand the differences and similarities of the two drugs.


Botox, or Botulinum toxin type A, is made from the bacterium that causes botulism. It b

locks the nerve activity in your facial muscles, causing a temporary “freeze” of these muscles.

Botox Injection in Toronto

The effects of Botox last about four to six months; after that, you will need to return for another treatment. Side effects include bruising, bleeding, dizziness, and headaches. As mentioned earlier, Botox is a very popular way to treat wrinkles. You may have even heard of “Botox parties” where you go to someone’s house, enjoy a little wine and cheese, and slip away to have a few needles poked into your facial muscles. You go home a little younger looking and with a lighter pocketbook. (Hopefully your hostess also served good cheese, but I digress.)”


Dysport works faster than Botox – one to two days, in some cases as quickly as 24 hours, as opposed to three to five days for Botox. Other studies have shown that injections of Dysport may last longer than Botox, up to six months or a year. Side effects include soreness or bruising around the injection sites (this is usually temporary) and headaches.

Research done on both drugs seems to indicate that they are safe, relatively painless ways to temporarily treat facial wrinkles. Regardless of which procedure you choose, these drugs should only be administered by a healthcare professional that has been trained in their use. (See the above mentioned “Botox parties”. If you attend one, please make sure a doctor is also one of the attendees; more importantly, that the doctor is the attendee wielding the hypodermic needle. Otherwise, stick to Tupperware parties.)

Serious Side Effects

Please keep in mind that despite their “cosmetic” uses, these are still drugs. Serious side effects of Botox include an irregular heartbeat, paralysis, seizures, and speech and vision changes. And the effects of Dysport, or any Botulinum toxin product, can spread from the area of injection and produce symptoms of the Botulinum toxin, including swallowing and breathing difficulties which can be life threatening. Immediate medical attention may be required in cases of respiratory, speech or swallowing difficulties.

If you are uncertain as to which drug is right for your cosmetic needs, discuss your choices with your health care provider before making any decisions. He or she will be able to answer any questions you may have. These drugs are just two options in the fight against aging, and in the end, you may decide that neither is right for you. Good luck and here’s to looking younger!

Souce: http://www.medicinenet.com/botox_treatment/artcle.htm

Some tips for removing “Bikini line” hair – Pure Med Spa

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Laser hair removal makes the bikini line look very clean and smooth. Are you looking to wear that sexy new bikini in confidence with no embarrassing moments to contend with? Then this will rid you of your unwanted pubic hair permanently. If you’re ready to take the plunge and have your bikini hair lasered, here’s what you need to do.

Make a decision about whether laser hair removal is the appropriate action for you to take. You need to ask yourself whether the procedure is right for you. This works best on people with darker hair and lighter skin. However, those possessing dark skin could still find it beneficial to receive this in the bikini area. They must be able to locate a clinic that maintains a newer laser that has the ability to focus on darker hair and darker skin tones. Ensure that any medications that you’re currently taking won’t interfere with the effects of this procedure. There are ones that have very negative side impacts, such as Accutane.

Find the doctor that best suits your needs. You need to start looking into doctors and clinics that can perform the procedure. Experience and licensing are the two critical factors to consider when looking for a hair removal practitioner.

Ready your skin for this process. You should shave your bikini line as close as possible. Try to shave in the direction of the hair growth so that you don’t get any ingrown hairs or razor bumps. A rash around your bikini line is not a good thing on the day of your laser hair removal! Avoid using anything other than a sensitive cleanser on your bikini line on the day of the procedure. This means you can’t use shaving gels, perfumes, or scented lotions.

Once you have had the first treatment, seek subsequent multiple treatments until all the hair is removed.

Pure Med Spa Battles Cellulite Complaints- Velashape Video

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The latest celebrity treatment that fights signs of aging by eliminating body cellulite, one of the primary causes of dimpled and sagging skin complaints, is now being offered to Pure Med Spa customers in the Greater Toronto Area. The Velashape treatment is the premier non-surgical and FDA approved medical procedure for the body reshaping market, and has become especially popular amongst American consumers. Velashape, which has previously been adopted by many top Hollywood celebrities and models as a primary solution to cellulite body shaping, is now available to Canadian customers looking to achieve fast results in a safe and proven environment.

The success of Velashape within the United States reflects the proven safety and comfort of treatment, and many customers claim the procedure feels “like a warm deep tissue massage”. The procedure is engineered to accommodate the different sensitivity levels and skin tones of all individuals within society, and through the performance of clinical testing, the FDA has found that there are no short or long term complications associated with it. Since all people within society are is suitable for Velashape treatments, it is expected that it will spread throughout the Canadian Market and internationally at a rapid rate.

Recently, the Hollywood news media show The Insider did an investigative piece on how the Velashape procedure effectively treated the cellulite concerns of a prominent actress and model: Kim Kardashian. Kim’s professional career includes acting appearances on many popular television shows (Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother), movies (Disaster Movie), as well as modeling in top fashion lifestyle magazines (Maxim, Star, FHM, Playboy). Within Hollywood, actresses and models like Kim Kardashian need to take exceptional care of their bodies, and exercise significant judgment when undertaking treatments to further improve their physique. Kim Kardashian, and many other top stars, have thus chosen the Velashape procedure to safely and effectively address their concerns in a controlled environment.

Kim Kardashian’s celebrity testimonial on the Velashape featured on The Insider can be viewed on the Pure Med Spa GTA (Greater Toronto Area) YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h31YzTZMbq8

Whiter Smiles at Pure Med Spa

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Jeff Nourse - Pure Med Spa Sales

Check your local Clinic for more details

Special Offers This Week @ Pure Med Spa

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Check with your local clinic for details

Laser Hair Removal Facts – Pure Med Spa

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Unwanted body hair has been a bane for women (and – yes – even for some men) since the dawn of time. Scammers still prey on body hair-haters by promoting questionable products that are supposed to “permanently” remove unwanted hair. But the truth is, really permanent solutions have only been seen with the use of laser technology. Here’s more about laser hair removal.

How does it work?

Pulsing laser wavelength technology targets the coloration in the hair follicles, effectively preventing the re growth of hair in that particular area. The beauty of laser treatments is that because of the melanin absorption there is not damage to the pores nor do they damage the skin tissue surrounding the hair follicles, so the treatment is minimally invasive.

Do I only have to get treatment once?

The simple answer to the above question is “no.” Most areas targeted for laser hair removal will require 3 to 6 visits in order to obtain the most permanent results. How many treatments you’ll need depends on: (a) your skin type and hair color and (b) the growth cycle of your hair. Of course, if you are having large areas done such as your back or legs, the duration of the treatment will be greater but not necessarily more treatments as smaller areas.

Does it hurt?

Some people experience a slight pinching sensation, but today’s virtually painless laser hair removal techniques allow the removal device to glide gently over the skin, creating a cooling sensation that is not at all unpleasant. Those who have extremely sensitive skin have the option of applying a topical anesthetic prior to treatment if they wish to. Some swelling and reddening can be expected after each treatment, but these symptoms subside within a matter of a few hours.

Laser hair reduction has become so in demand that engineers are constantly improving the technology, to create more efficient and improved methods every year.

Where can I get painless laser hair removal?

Whether you need Toronto Laser Hair Removal, Toronto Hair Removal, or laser services anywhere at all in North America, there is an experienced team of professionals near you who will help you get the silky smoothness you’ve been looking for.

Thanks to painless laser hair removal, you really do have options besides old-fashioned and ineffective electrolysis treatments, shaving, waxing, or using depilatories. Laser hair removal really is a beautiful thing.

Pure Med Spa introducing a Breakthrough Teeth Whitening Product to Canada

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Toronto teeth whitening

Whiter Smile in under an hour!

BriteSmile locations affiliated with one of North America’s premier chain of medical spas, Pure Med Spa, are now offering innovative solutions in teeth whitening to customers in the greater Toronto area. The BriteSmile teeth whitening system, which includes patented Blue-Light technology, has proven to be immensely successful at Pure Med Spa locations in the United States, and is just now being introduced into the Canadian market. In less than one hour, this revolutionary system delivers a perfectly natural and brilliant smile that lasts for years, which is clinically proven to improve oral health while whitening up to 14 shades brighter.

Pure Med Spa’s BriteSmile brand has continued to develop innovative solutions that combat teeth discoloration since their inception in 1999. A healthy and natural looking smile is a primary concern for many customers in the medical spa industry, and thus Pure Med Spa has worked closely with industry professionals, medical experts, and company clients for ten years to develop this breakthrough solution and bring it to clients north of the border. With five locations in the greater Toronto area, Pure Med Spa is now able to provide customers with a movie-star smile in less time and for less money than ever before.

Sandra, spa manager at the Davisville street BriteSmile location, describes the BriteSmile tooth whitening solution as “the ultimate enhancement to your image, your smile is your greatest asset. Customers love the tooth whitening and they can’t stop smiling!”

Lisa, spa manager at the Avenue road BriteSmile location, says “I would say the BriteSmile system is a safe and effective way to get a whiter smile without the sensitivity of other popular, more expensive whitening procedures. All of our customers have been pleased with the results and many have reffered friends and family for the treatment.”

There are 5 locations to choose from in the greater GTA. Check the website for a location near you.


Pure Med Spa Toronto get’s Social!

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Welcome to the Pure Med

Spa (Toronto) Blog!

This is where we are going to promote corporate and industry news that affects customers. Interesteing stories that draw readers in and posts that draw attention to Pure Med Spa Products, Pricing and exceptional customer service.

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